Donna Jensen
Donna Jensen
PO Box 5015
Woodland Park, CO 80866
Tel: 719-686-9098

Frequently Asked Questions at Posies & Such

Q. Where can I buy Posies & Such stationery in the Colorado Springs area?

A: We sell to many stores in the area including one of our favorite flagship stores, Holly Berry House in Old Colorado City, and Drummer Tweeds in Woodland Park.

Holly Berry House
2409 W Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 636-2752

240 E. Hwy 24
Woodland Park, CO 80863
(719) 687-7373


Q. How are your categories divided?

A. Most of our stationery products are divided into three themes:
  1. Our "Lodge" category consists of most of our bear, moose, cabin, fishing, loon, chickadee, and other nature-themed artwork.
  2. Our "Seasonal" category consists of our Christmas, winter, fall, and Easter artwork.
  3. Our "Everyday" category consists of our florals, pets, coffee, food, bees and bugs, baby, and ocean-themed artwork.

Q. Do shipping costs go down with larger orders?

Yes! It is very costly to ship small orders, so we offer a price decrease in the shipping costs once you reach 25.00 in products. We also suggest combining your order with friends and family, who will all love Posies and Such as much as you do. That helps reduce the shipping!

Q. Do you ever create custom gift sets?

A. Yes! Just email the specific items you would like us to create a gift set with, and we can let you know a price. These can be simple with a pretty, clear-bagged set containing the items you choose, a bow and a gift card, or we can be more festive with a gift basket and coordinating items such as our towels, mugs, cutting boards or coasters.

Q. Do you ever take special requests for specific ideas?

A. Yes! Most of our product line has developed from customer requests! Have a product you'd love to see in our line? Contact us and let us know!